November 23, 2012

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design Mix 6:
Normal Speed Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design Mix 6:
Normal Speed Twin Peaks (18:01)

By now Twin Peaks fans are familiar with the various Slow/Half Speed Orchestra tracks used in the series. These tracks were slowed down from their original speed for their use in the show, giving them a much different, and often more ominous feel. Even though these compositions weren’t heard at their normal, original speed in the series, its still very interesting to hear them that way. And it sometimes produces surprisingly different results. The dark “Black Lodge Rumble”, for example, becomes lush and lovely. “24 Hours” is likewise quite beautiful. And in FWWM’s “It’s Your Father” (played forward as well as at normal speed), we hear some choir/choral work that was never evident before.

So here are all of the slow speed tracks in their original speed. Only “Danger Theme” was ever used that way- the edited (mixed speed-ending) TV version of which appears in Mix 2.

Listen to the mix on Mixcloud here. And check out the art in the Twin Peaks Archive Extra tab above.

01. Dark Forces (Normal Speed) (1:02)

02. Windom Earle's Motif (Normal Speed) (0:51)

03. Black Lodge Rumble (Normal Speed) (1:43)

04. White Lodge Rumble (Normal Speed) (3:03)

05. Leo's Theme (Normal Speed) (1:30)

06. Stair Music (Danger Theme) (Normal Speed) (1:45)

07. Unease Motif (The Woods) (Normal Speed) (0:52)

08. 24 Hours (Normal Speed) (4:06)

09. Dugpas (Normal Speed) (0:44)

10. Bob's Dance/Back To Missoula (Normal Speed) (0:35)

11. Through The Darkness (Normal Speed) (0:43)

12. It's Your Father (Forward & Normal Speed) (1:53)


  1. So this is the Normal Speed Orchestra :)
    Actually, this is amazing. I mean, this is such unusal and, if I may say so, non-typical sound for the whole Twin Peaks soundtrack. Thak you for the unique experience.

    1. Thanks guys. I think hearing these tracks at normal sped is very interesting.

  2. it seems that "stair music" is taken by "blu velvet" soundtrack...

  3. Great idea Ross, thanks!

    Following your lead, I've re-created your work with my own uncompressed files (by changing the sample-rates, creating some awesome hi-res 88.2 & 176.4 khz files !!)

    Keep up the good work !