October 21, 2012

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design Mix 5:
Extended Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design Mix 5:
Extended Twin Peaks (37:35)

Because most of the music of Twin Peaks was created before scenes were filmed, it was the job of the music editor to fit the tracks to the action on screen. Often times that meant editing the tracks down or only playing portions of them when tracks were lengthier than the scene itself. But sometimes it meant extending shorter tracks to fit longer scenes. This was most often done by looping sections of the tracks. This mix gathers those used, along with a few originals.

Listen to the mix on Mixcloud here. And check out the full size art in the Twin Peaks Archive Extra tab above.

01. Americana (TV Version) (1:19)
Extended version heard in episode 18.
(James rides his bike out of Twin Peaks)

02. Solo Percussion 4 (Extended) (2:17)
Extended version heard in episode 2.
(Albert and his men first arrive at the sheriff station)

03. Audrey's Prayer (Leland's Wake Clean Mix) (6:39)
Extended mix of Audrey’s Prayer (Synth) and Audrey’s Prayer (Clarinet & Synth) from episode 17, but without the percussion. (Recreation of the original with percussion can be heard in mix 3.)
(Leland’s wake)
Mix includes:
- Audrey's Prayer (Synth Version)
- Audrey's Prayer (Clarinet & Synth)

04. Audrey's Prayer (Extended) (3:51)
I created this version shortly after the second soundtrack was released as a way of creating a longer version of the track. A looped/extended version only appeared once in the series when Donna says goodbye to James in episode 23. Mine is looped a little differently than in the episode to hide the loop a little better.

05. Hook Rug Dance (Extended 1) (3:19)
As with the above, I created this version before really studying the tracks in the series. The scene in episode 25 where Cooper tells Annie the penguin joke is looped slightly differently.

06. Dick Tremayne's Swing (Extended) (2:12)
This version was very briefly released from the Archive before being removed. This extension/mix was created by fellow TP fan Qbin. (Listen to his Mixcloud mixes here.)

07. Ben's Battle (Extended Mix) (2:50)
Extended mix heard in episode 21.
(Audrey arrives in Ben’s office with Jerry)
Mix includes:
- Ben's Battle (Solo Trumpet)
- Ben's Battle
- Ben's Battle (Solo Percussion)

08. Wedding Song 2 (Extended) (3:01)
Extended version heard in episode 25, when this Milford wedding track was repurposed as an RR track.
(Cole, Cooper & Truman enter the RR, Cole introduces himself to Shelly, he can hear her)

09. South Sea Dreams (Extended) (2:53)
Extended version heard in episode 10.
(Cooper & Truman visit Jacoby’s hospital room)

10. Laura Palmer's Theme (Ethereal Pad Version) (Extended) (2:50)
Extended version heard in episode 23.
(Cooper tells Albert he will handle Josie as Truman looks on; Andrew & Josie toast “To beginnings… And endings”)

11. Laura Palmer's Theme (Guardian Angel Version) (Full) (2:16)
The Archive release combined two versions of this track into one, omitting a portion. This is the full version of the two joined tracks.

12. Love Theme (Dark) (Extended) (4:46)
Original extension based on the song structure of the original version of Love Theme.


  1. So if I'm not mistaken there are four tracks of Extras left unheard:
    - Americana (original)
    - two variations of original Guardian Angel
    - One-Armed Man (clarinet+bass clarinet)

    1. Yes- those are actually versions that were on the bootlegs, although for my collection I have recreated them using the released versions for better sound. They will pop up on a future mix.

    2. and are there any plans to recreate bootleg tracks? ;)

    3. Not recreate, but I'm thinking of posting the boot tracks in an upcoming MixCloud mix.

    4. Maybe I'm missing something, but these are still not posted? Or they are? :) Not pressing, just trying to organize pics & tracks :)

    5. You are correct. The four tracks listed above were on the bootleg release. I've recreated them using the better sounding Archive releases, and I'm going to post them with the rest of the bootleg tracks.

  2. As always, thanks for the amazing music; these mixes are much appreciated. One question: do you have full sized art for the primary Mix 5 image (the one you're using on Mixcloud)? I see all the individual tracks but I don't see the main image in the archive.


    1. I forgot to post that one- I will post it soon.

  3. Hey Ross
    Maybe you can answer this question
    Cause I wrote emails to like everywhere, and they keep silent
    So, do you know ANYTHING about the release of that book, if I'm not mistaken, it's gotta be called 'Northwest Passages', and it contains Paula Shimatsu-U's rare pics.
    I just want this book so much and I'd love to buy it just as soon it's released
    But the direct emails that sent me information no longer answer to me
    So what happened? Don't you know?

    1. The book has been delayed, but as far as I know there are still plans to finish and release it someday.