June 3, 2015

My MixCloud Mixes back up in the US

Back in August of last year I reported that due to copyright changes on MixCloud, my 10 Twin Peaks Archive Extra Mixes could no longer be listened to in the US. I finally figured out a VERY SIMPLE work-around by merely using numbers in place of the Artist Name.

Wish I would have thought of that sooner! Anyway, the good news is that my mixes are available to listen to again for those in the US! 

Check them out here:


  1. Does this mean you're going to put the unreleased bootleg tracks on mixcloud now?

  2. That was my original plan. But I've been asked not to post them from someone who knows Badalamenti. So I need to honor that.

    1. Good call. The last thing you should do is violate the request of the guy who created the content. Just a shame for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be able to hear these tracks.

    2. Agreed. I do feel bad though- I wanted to post them for everyone to hear. But I certainly don't want go against anyone's wishes. The good news is that most of the substantial material from the boots was released on the Archive releases.

      Hopefully, with TP returning next year(!) we will get some more official releases.