May 2, 2013

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design Mix 8:
Misc & Missing Pieces Mix

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design Mix 8:
Misc & Missing Pieces Mix (76:17)

I have a few more mixes to post after this, but Mix 8 is a bit of a wrap up, and presents some missing and lost pieces. A combination of original mixes, recreations of TV mixes, extractions, and snippets of lost tracks.

Listen to the mix on Mixcloud here. And check out the full size art in the Twin Peaks Archive Extra tab above.

1. Audrey’s Dance (Percussion, Clarinets & Rhodes) (5:21)
Mix Includes:
- Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets)
- Audrey’s Dance (Solo Rhodes)

2. Audrey’s Dance (Clarinet Mix) (6:39)
Recreation of the mix heard in Episode 19:
(Bobby hits on Audrey on his way to bring Ben pictures, 
which continues into…
Bobby returns with pictures for Ben)
My mix extends it by mixing in the Drums & Bass version until the end of the track.
Mix Includes:
- Audrey’s Dance (Clean)
- Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets)
- Audrey’s Dance (Drums & Bass)
- Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet)

3. Audrey’s Dance (Freshly Squeezed Fast Cool Jazz Clarinet Mix) (4:56)
The way the components of Freshly Squeezed/Audrey’s Dance/Dance Of the Dream Man were created opens up the possibilities for seemingly endless new combinations.
Mix Includes:
- Audrey’s Dance (Clean) (slightly sped up to FS speed)
- Fast Cool Jazz Solo (Solo Clarinet) (slowed down to FS speed)

4. Audrey’s Dance (Freshly Squeezed Flute Mix) (4:56)
Mix Includes:
- Audrey’s Dance (Clean) (slightly sped up to FS speed)
- Freshly Squeezed (Solo Flute)

5. Dance Of The Dream Man (Clarinet) (3:40)
A regular “Clarinet” version wasn’t released from the Archive, so here it is:
Mix Includes:
- Dance Of The Dream Man (Drums & Bass)
- Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Clarinet)

6. Dance Of The Dream Man (Freshly Squeezed Clarinet) (3:40)
Mix Includes:
- Dance Of The Dream Man (Drums & Bass)
- Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet) (sped up to DOTDM speed)

7. Dance Of The Dream Man (Freshly Squeezed Flute) (3:40)
Mix Includes:
- Dance Of The Dream Man (Drums & Bass)
- Freshly Squeezed (Solo Flute) (sped up to DOTDM speed)

8. Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clean) (Edit) (2:01)
Unfortunately, the full version of this track was lost, and the version released from the Archive was only 1:30, and was missing the first 2:13 of the track. This version incorporates the beginning section (from the other versions before the solos begin), creating the fullest version possible using the released materials. Unfortunately, its still missing around 1:40.

9. Freshly Squeezed (Solo Bass Clarinet) (Short Edit) (0:40)
Short reedit of “Solo Bass Clarinet” heard in episode 25:
(Cole reinstates Cooper, returns badge and new gun)

10. Love Theme (Light Edit) (3:14)
Reedit of the original “Love Theme” heard in Episode 10:
(Donna meets with Harold, he tells her Laura wanted him to contact her if anything ever happened, he gives her a hybrid flower to put on Laura’s grave)
This track was cause for a bit of confusion for a while because it sounds as if it’s a different take than the original. It has different timing and a held last note. But upon further examination, its really just a reedit of the original with a altered (stretched) final flute note.
This elongated final note can also be heard here in episode 8:
(Andy cries after Cooper & Albert lay out all the evidence in the case thus far)
When the Archive tracks were being released, we were asking for the “Light” version to be released, because we were still thinking it was a different version. Thus the release of the “Light” track from the Archive. But that track was actually just a cut-off edit of “Love Theme Dark”. Presumingly, Dean found it and thought it was what people were asking for.
Anyway, here is the reedit as heard in the Donna/Harold scene (my version is slightly different, as I evened out the timing of the stretched sections in comparison to the TV mix).

11. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Guardian Angel Version) (TV Mix) (2:39)
Recreation of mix heard in Episode 17, with the Sneaky Audrey Solo interlude:
(Catherine tells Truman about how a guardian angel saved her life)
Mix Includes:
- Laura Palmer’s Theme (Guardian Angel Version)
- Sneaky Audrey (Solo)

12. Solo Percussion (Spelunking Mix) (1:34)
Recreation of mix heard in Episode 25:
(Andy shows off his spelunking skills to Lucy)
Mix Includes:
- Solo Percussion 2 (Grady’s Waltz)
- Solo Percussion 3
- “Spelunking” (extraction)
The little 5-note section that plays over the track at 0:36 is unreleased, and it is unknown if it is part of a longer track or not. I extracted the audio from the DVDs for this mix.

13. Solo Percussion 4 & Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets) (Mix) (3:10)
Recreation of mix heard in Episode 19:
(Bobby enters Ben’s office to find stacked furniture & Ben sitting in the corner)
Mix Includes:
- Solo Percussion 4
- Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets)

14. Evelyn’s Mourning (TV Mix) (1:59)
Recreation of mix heard in Episode 22:
(Evelyn in veil after Jeffery’s death, interviewed by cops)
Mix Includes:
- Evelyn’s Mourning
- Laura Palmer’s Theme (Solo Piano)
The Archive briefly released a version of this mix (similar but not the same as the TV mix) before the original tracks were found and released. This mix is more faithful to the version heard in the episode.

15. Stair Music (Danger Theme) (Full) (2:37)
One unanswered mystery of the Archive releases is why “Danger Theme” was released in an edited/altered format. The released version omits the post-climax end section, and instead repeats the opening motif. The full version remains unreleased.
This is the best I could do to recreate the full version (with post-climax) using extractions from the DVDs.

16. Stair Music (Danger Theme) (Slower Ending) (1:27)
Version with slowed ending heard in Episode 15:
(Outside the Palmer house the night of Maddy’s murder (hear her scream)...
Leland plays golf in the living room)
One again using the extraction of the post-climax ending

17. Stair Music (Danger Theme) (4x Slow Version) (5:22)
4x slow version heard in Episode 09:
(Cooper and Truman show Ronette sketches of suspected persons, Ronette freaks out)

18. Dark Mood Woods (Original & Studio Combo Mix) (9:51)
The final episode features some scenes where the two versions of Dark Mood Woods are mixed together. Here is a full version that mixes the two.
Mix Includes:
- Dark Mood Woods
- Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)

19. Cooper’s Dream (Mix) (4:18)
Recreation of mix heard in Episode 2:
(Cooper's famous dream sequence)
Mix Includes:
- Stair Music (Danger Theme)
- Unease Motif
- Dance Of The Dream Man
- Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Sax)
- Red Room Noise (extraction)
- Various extracted sound effects

20. Red Room Noise (1:00)
21. Giant’s Theme (1:00)
I had been hoping for some of the “sound effects” to be released from the Archive, but unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. Some were released on the bootlegs though. But these two, “Red Room Noise” and “Giant’s Theme” were not. These are both one minute loops created from extractions from the DVDs. Who knows the lengths of the originals, or even if they were originally part of longer tracks.

Missing tracks:
Sadly, there were a few tracks that were completely missing from the Archive and may forever remain lost and unreleased. Here they are as small snippets via extractions. Pretty sad- especially “Earle’s Theme (Strings)”, which was only heard in a “Previously On Twin Peaks” commercial, and sounds especially cool. Thanks to Qbin for these extractions.

22. The Swan (Instrumental) (partial extraction) (0:33)
Heard in the Pilot:
(Truman’s nighttime visit to Josie)
(Instrumental version of Julee Cruise’s “The Swan”)

23. Leland’s Dance (partial extraction) (0:50)
24. Leland’s Dance (Filtered) (partial extraction) (0:52)
Heard in Episode 15.

25. Earle’s Theme (Strings) (partial extraction) (0:24)
Heard only in a “Previously On” ad

Enjoy the mix- and leave a comment on your thoughts!


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