January 15, 2013

Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood Soundtrack

A small detour out of Twin Peaks to Crystal Lake:

The original Harry Manfredini scores to Friday the 13th Parts 1 through 6 were finally released last year. They even included the recycled/re-edited cues from the first two films that were created for Parts 3 and 4. I was really excited to get these, as they are fantastic, but at the same time I was disappointed that the same wasn’t done for Part VII- one of my favorites from the series. Part VII’s score is unique; Harry Manfredini wasn’t available, so they used his music from the previous films in addition to new music from Fred Mollin (who was scoring Friday the 13th: The Series at the time). Sometimes even mixing the two on top of each other. I’m guessing the boxset didn’t include Part 7 due to legal reasons because of the inclusion of Mollin’s music. Or maybe it was just because no brand new Manfredini music was created for the film. But the newly edited and mixed tracks created a brand new listening experience...

So, armed with the boxed set from the first six movies, and the stand-alone Mollin score for Part VII, I set out to recreate the soundtrack for The New Blood. I like Mollin’s new music, as the main theme for Tina captures the new supernatural element quite well, but listening to the Mollin CD on its own looses the Friday feel without Manfredini’s signature sound, which is still very prominent in the film. Recreating the film mix ultimately proved to be much more challenging than I had anticipated though. Mostly because they did a great job on creating this score, as it’s a pretty complicated mix. I had originally heard it was music from Part 6, but after delving into it, I realized that while a good chunk of the used Manfrdini music did indeed come from Part 6, portions from the other films were used as well. So identifying the Manfredini tracks became a very big challenge. (Thanks to JackSparrow900 for helping to identify some of the Manfredini cues.) The score is often a mix of different sections of Mandredini edits, sometimes mixed together, and sometimes also mixed with the Mollin tracks. In addition, a lot of the “ci-ci-ci” sounds must have also been created for the movie, so you have these sounds mixed with multiple Manfredini tracks and Mollin tracks sometimes all at the same time.

I did my best to recreate the score from the Manfredini box set, the Mollin soundtrack, and extractions from the DVD. Alas, some tracks have sound effects because the extractions were all that are available. And I tried layering in most of the “ci-ci-ci” sounds using the extractions. Unfortunately, the Mollin CD isn’t even complete, as it doesn’t contain any of his music from the scene where Tina finds the bodies until the end of the film. So those tracks are extractions with some sound effects. Also, challenging was the fact that the Mollin tracks were mostly strung together on the CD.

One scene in the film (Michael and his girlfriend walking through the woods) has a Manfredini track that in not on any of the other soundtracks (titled “New Blood” here). A small portion IS heard in Part 6 when Tommy has (audio) memories of killing Jason as a child, but it is mixed over the other track, and the soundtrack doesn’t even have it mixed as heard in the film. A few smaller Manfredini stingers couldn’t be found either, so appear here as extractions.

The Mollin track “Pearls Go Flying” is NOT heard in the film, but was probably meant for the scene where Tina breaks Melissa’s pearls, so I included in where it would have been.

I have also created art for the cover and back with a tracklisting. In the end, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it might be as close to a soundtrack to Part VII as we get.


1. Prologue/New Blood Main Titles (5:07) (Harry Manfredini/Fred Mollin)
2. Flashback/Dad's Death (2:26) (Harry Manfredini/Fred Mollin)
3. Back To Crystal Lake (1:41) (Harry Manfredini)
4. The Pier (0:08) (Fred Mollin)
5. Where It All Started (0:23) (Harry Manfredini)
6. Matchbook (0:51) (Fred Mollin)
7. I Miss Him/Tina Summons Jason (2:30) (Harry Manfredini/Fred Mollin)
8. Nothing To Do With My Father (0:27) (Harry Manfredini)
9. Breakdown (0:56) (Harry Manfredini)
10. New Blood (1:27) (Harry Manfredini)
11. Backstabbed (1:03) (Harry Manfredini)
12. A Large Delusion (1:46) (Harry Manfredini)
13. Sleeping Bag Bash (2:55) (Harry Manfredini)
14. Nick & Tina (1:42) (Fred Mollin)
15. Hello Tina (0:17) (Harry Manfredini)
16. Pearls Go Flying (0:19) (Fred Mollin)
17. You're Not Listing To Me/Flying TV (2:05) (Harry Manfredini/Fred Mollin)
18. Russell And Sandra, Party For… 3? (1:51) (Harry Manfredini)
19. Dr. Crews Knows All (0:16) (Harry Manfredini)
20. Mom In The Study (2:16) (Fred Mollin)
21. Hearing Crashes (2:03) (Fred Mollin)
22. Jason Touches Up Maddy/Finding Tina’s Car (3:50) (Harry Manfredini)
23. The Party Van (0:46) (Harry Manfredini)
24. Ben’s Surprise/Kate's Murder (0:46) (Harry Manfredini/Fred Mollin)
25. Lights Out (0:12) (Harry Manfredini)
26. Nick & Tina Find Mike (0:51) (Harry Manfredini/Fred Mollin)
27. David Seeks Nourishment (1:43) (Harry Manfredini)
28. More Nick & Tina (1:41) (Fred Mollin)
29. She's In The Woods (0:38) (Harry Manfredini)
30. Eddie's Death (0:18) (Harry Manfredini)
31. Robin's Death (4:02) (Fred Mollin)
32. Nick Leaves Tina/Mom's Death (2:09) (Harry Manfredini)
33. Nick Looks For Everyone (1:11) (Harry Manfredini)
34. Bad News For Dr. Crews (3:12) (Fred Mollin)
35. Tina Finds The Bodies/Tina vs. Jason 1 (4:27) (Fred Mollin)
36. Melissa Gets The Ax/Jason Unmasked (2:49) (Fred Mollin)
37. Tina vs. Jason 2 (3:00) (Fred Mollin)
38. Make Room For Daddy (1:33) (Fred Mollin)
39. Friday The 13th Part VII End Credits (3:43) (Fred Mollin)

You can download the (Apple Lossless) tracks (and artwork) here:


  1. I've always been looking for a decent version of part VII's OST, seems like I have to look no further - thank you very much :-D