February 16, 2012

Chronological/Series Order Guide

For those who want to put together a tracklist of all tracks in order as to when they first appeared in the series, I've created a new listing. Click here, or on the tab in the menu bar.


  1. I cannot stress enough what tremendous job you're doing here, helping us to get all the wonderful Twin Peaks tracks in their places, along with your beautiful covers. Many, many thanks to you!

    That being said I'd like to ask if you're going to add to the chronological guide (or somewhere else) missing info about non-original music in the series. I can recall three tracks:
    episode 02: Glenn Miller - Pennsylvania 6-5000
    episode l4: Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World
    episode 21: Edward Grieg - Piano Concerto A Minor Op.16 I: Allegro Molto Moderato

    Thanks once more, and keep up!

  2. Hi

    excellent list- but could you tell me which ones of these tracks are from the cd's and will you do the same for TPFWWM?

    Excellent job, can't wait TO PUT THIS IN THE SAME ORDER...

  3. Thanks guys! Updated the list to include non-original tracks, FWWM order, and which release each track can be found on.

  4. Hi Ross
    Again awesome, but what the tracks from Twin peaks in the peach colour (ie Unease wood motif)

  5. Andee, these tracks:

    Unease Motif (The Woods)
    Owl Cave (Slow Version)
    Audrey’s Prayer (Slow Version)
    Sneaky Audrey (Slow Version)
    Laura Palmer's Theme (Baritone Guitar Punctuation) (Slow Version)
    Hank’s Theme (Slow Version)
    Audrey (Audrey’s Investigation Version) (Slow Version)
    Laura Palmer's Theme (Slow Version)
    Twin Peaks (Harp And Guitar) (Slow Version)
    Packards’ Vibration (Slow Version)
    Stair Music (Danger Theme) (Normal Speed)

    are all tracks that are manipulations of released tracks. And I'm guessing we won't get these exact versions. But those with audio manipulation skills can create them from the released versions.

    "Unease Motif (The Woods)" was released in the reversed version only. But the non-reversed version was used as well. The rest are all versions heard at different speeds than the released versions.

  6. Hi Ross

    Do you have any of these special tracks that you could mail me??

  7. Thanks for taking my suggestion to heart! LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work!

    1. No problem! Thanks for the suggestion. I know people will find it helpful/fun.