February 4, 2012

New Archive release: Night Bells (Original)


Listeners with a keen ear will have long since noticed that some of the tracks released on the second soundtrack were altered or "spruced up" with additional elements. "Night Bells" was one of these (along with "Audrey", "Shelly", "James And Evelyn" and "Packards' Vibration").

This week we get the original, unaltered version of "Night Bells" (apparently named "Abstract Mood" in the Archives). The differences are pretty small- in fact I'm pretty sure it is the exact same version, but there were elements added to it and altered on the CD. More distortion, heavier guitar noises. So the new released version is basically the "clean" unaltered version that was used in the series.

The Archive has released it under its original name, but even though "Abstract Mood" is a very cool name, a name change seems needlessly confusing. So I am keeping the "Night Bells" moniker. They have also included the Slow Version of the track that was heard in episode 28 when Hawk finds a disorientated Major Briggs wandering out of the woods after his ordeal with Windom Earle.

Night Bells
Episode 08: One bar as Truman turns off tape of Laura with James
Episode 08: Donna enters the sheriff department to visit James
Episode 10: Nadine comes out of her coma
Episode 11: Lucy in the Sheriff dept, stormy night, before Judge Sternwood enters
Episode 13: Nadine convinces Ed to "stay in" and jumps him on the couch (mixed with Solo Percussion 3)
Episode 18: James meets Evelyn at Wallies
Episode 18: James tells Evelyn of his desire to “rocket blind into the dark”
Episode 22: Nadine catches Ed and Norma in bed
Episode 28: Nadine counters the news of Ed and Norma’s engagement with her own offer of marriage to Mike
Episode 28: Major Briggs wanders out of the woods (Slow Version)
FWWM: Laura and Bobby in the woods after shooting Deputy Cliff

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