June 3, 2015

My MixCloud Mixes back up in the US

Back in August of last year I reported that due to copyright changes on MixCloud, my 10 Twin Peaks Archive Extra Mixes could no longer be listened to in the US. I finally figured out a VERY SIMPLE work-around by merely using numbers in place of the Artist Name.

Wish I would have thought of that sooner! Anyway, the good news is that my mixes are available to listen to again for those in the US! 

Check them out here:

Twin Peaks 2016

I'll see you again in 25 years.
It's been a while since I've posted here. Not much new TP music news since the release of the Missing Pieces from FWWM. BUT- since then we've gotten the biggest piece of TP news since... well ever! Twin Peaks is coming back! As mind-boggeling as that may seem. I've posted about my history with the show on this site before. I was an instant fan from the moment the Pilot aired on ABC in 1990. And from the moment that season 2 cliffhanger aired, I've been hoping to return to Twin Peaks. My love for the show never waned over the years, and no other show ever recaptured my interest like TP did.

I loved FWWM, but of course I have always longed for a follow up- and it always depressed me knowing the plans were for a couple more movies that never happened. Over the years I still held out hope that the stars would align, but I finally gave up hope a while back. And after many years, I also came to see that final shot of Cooper staring at Bob as a sort of ending. A devastating one- but an ending nonetheless. Or- at the very least a very good stopping point.

And then a couple years ago, TP seemed to go through a surge in popularity. And with the music releases, and then the blu rays and FWWM Missing Pieces, I started thinking about Laura's line in the final episode. "I'll see you again in 25 years." With all the renewed popularity TP seemed to be experiencing, could Lynch use that prophetic line of dialogue and return somehow? Even just a filmed scene or two? Then rumors started to swirl. Which were then shot down by Mark Frost, Jen Lynch, etc. Oh well... 

And then the unthinkable happened. Last October, Lynch & Frost confirmed it was indeed, Happening Again: Twin Peaks is returning! In my wildest dreams I could never imagined this would happen with Lynch & Frost in control of everything. As a series. On Showtime. Frost's many interviews that day said all of the things I had hoped to hear for years! I barely slept for about a week I was so excited.

Unfortunately, we all know there was a pretty big bump along the way! I guess that's the life of a TP fan. When Lynch walked on Easter, I was devastated. But quickly we learned the project was still a possibility (with Lynch of course). The next six weeks were hell. But at least throughout it there seemed to be some hope that it could still happen, as fans rallied with the "Save Twin Peaks" campaign. I decided to gather all my Save TP artwork that I posted on Twitter and post them here:

And then fans' prayers were answered! Lynch is BACK! TP is a go! IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN! Lynch and Frost writing all. Lynch directing all. Many old cast to return. Re-furbishing the RR. And, most likely 18 episodes! (One season? or Two?)

And, of course this whole site is dedicated to the music of TP- Angelo Badalamenti WILL return with NEW TP MUSIC! I never thought I'd hear that, and you can imagine how excited I am by this. New themes! New variations on old themes! Amazing to even think about. So this site will continue to live on! Can't wait for new soundtracks, etc.!

So there you have it! Pre-production is underway. We will all return to TP next year. And I couldn't be more excited. Lynch, Frost & Showtime, "Let's Rock!"

August 11, 2014

Atmospherics Music

For anyone wondering which tracks are used for the blu ray disc menus, or "Atmospherics", here's the breakdown:

1. Trees/Woods
Love Theme Farewell

2. Pie
Solo Percussion 1

3. Signs/Places
Harold's Theme (The Living Novel)

4. Coffee
Dance Of The Dream Man (Soundtrack Mix)

5. Notes
Laura Palmer's Theme (Caroline Version)

6. Water
Twin Peaks (Alternate Version)

Note the new deleted clip from episode 1!

7. Donuts
Solo Percussion 2 (Grady's Waltz)

8. Owls
Owl Cave

9. The Ring
Nightsea Wind

10. The Red Room
The Red Room

Note the never-before-seen deleted clip from the final episode!

August 10, 2014

MixCloud changes

So, it seems that Mixcloud has changed their copyright restrictions, and no longer lets people in the US listen to mixes that have 4 or more tracks by the same artist! Meaning none of my 10 Twin Peaks mixes can be listened to in the US anymore! Which really sucks, as I spent a lot of time preparing and posting them for people to hear.

Does anyone have any ideas as to an alternative? In addition, I had planned on posting the Bootleg mixes as a MixCloud mix as well, but there seems to be no point in doing so now.

Any feedback and/or ideas would be welcome! Thanks.

August 5, 2014

The Music of The Missing Pieces


Probably the one thing I was most curious about before seeing the Missing Pieces was the use of music (of course). What would they choose to use? Since probably all of this material was cut at a very early stage, none of it had music. So the restoration on these scenes had to include finding and choosing music. I'm still not sure who was all involved in those choices, but most likely it was Lynch and Dean Hurley.

Watching the Missing Pieces for the first time I was struck by, and honestly a bit disappointed by, just how many scenes play without any music at all. Obviously, since I love the music of TP, it was a bit of a disappointment, but also because its in stark contrast to the rest of TP. The series, especially in the second season, was pretty much wallpapered with music. Even FWWM, when not featuring music, features an intricate sound design. The Pilot probably contains more scenes without music than anything else- until the Missing Pieces that as. 

Perhaps with these missing pieces it was a practical decision, as leaving them without music is of course easier. Or perhaps Lynch just thought they played better that way. To me, it makes a few of them seem a little unfinished, and I feel a few could have benefitted from added music. Especially the Sheriff station scenes.

Interestingly, even a few of the scenes that are extensions of scenes in the movie play without the track used in the film. For instance, the diner scene plays without "RR Swing". Perhaps Lynch wanted to emphasize Norma's lonliness. And the Bobby/Laura basement scene plays without "Moving Through Time".

Anyway, what they DID choose for the Missing Pieces, I was more than happy with. So here is a breakdown of what tracks appear:

Fire Walk With Me (Sax)
- Briefly at the beginning when the opening titles appear (slightly distorted)
- On the radio in the scene with Ed & Norma in the truck.
The Sax version (released from the Archive) was only heard very briefly in the finished film during the opening credits before switching to the original (trumpet) version.
It's use in the Norman & Ed scene is easily my favorite use of music in the Missing Pieces.

Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)
- Sam & Chet question Jack at Hap's (used here in the finished film as well)

Mysterioso #2
Chet fight Cable.

Twin Peaks (series track)
- Laura & Donna walk to school (used here in the finished film as well)

Love Theme Farewell (series track)
- The end of the Hayward scene, and Laura on the sidewalk
This track was actually a mixed track created for the season 2 soundtrack. It plays here complete with the wind sound effects.

The Pink Room
- Laura, Donna, & the guys enter the back room at Partyland (used in the Partyland sequence of the finished film as well)

Love Theme (Solo Rhodes) (series track)
- Leland hangs up the phone and looks at Teresa's picture in Fleshworld

Laura's Dark Boogie (Clean)
- Briefly when Teresa calls Leland back (used in the flashback sequence of the finished film as well)

South Sea Dreams (series track)
- Jacoby calls Laura

Dugpas (series track)
- Slow speed track heard as Laura sneaks out of her house and hides in the bushes from Leland
- Briefly heard again as Cooper's face in the Red Room fades into the curtains

Dance Of The Dream Man (series track)
- The Man From Another Place dances in front of Cooper in the Red Room.
Of course this track is also used in the series when the MFAP dances in the Red Room in Cooper's dream.

Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version) (series track)
- After the nurse takes Annie's ring she looks in the mirror
- Final sequence with Cooper in the Great Northern bathroom
Of course this track was also heard in the climatic scene from the final episode.


The Missing Pieces also feature some of the "sound design/effects" tracks created for the movie. And we hear the brief effects tracks Distant Train & Log Lady Presence as well. 

Distant Train
- Sarah smokes at the Dinner table alone after Laura leaves for Bobby's

Log Lady Presence
- The Log Lady in her cabin the night of the murder

Finally, the end credits feature the track Teresa's Autopsy (mixed with some additional sound effects)

In addition, the Missing Pieces feature two tracks that are new to the Twin Peaks world, and are not yet available anywhere:

Hotel Tango by Dean Hurley
- Played in the hotel lobby in the scene with Phillip Jeffries. 
Most likely a new track.

One Dog Bark by Thought Gang
- During the road trip to Partyland
Most likely from the unreleased Thought Gang album

Lastly, here is a new/alternate cover for FWWM (Sax) featuring the Ed & Norma scene for those who prefer it.