December 10, 2011

New Archive release: FWWM bundle



Teresa's Autopsy (2:37)
Phillip Jeffries (2:10)
Back To Fat Trout (Unease Motif/The Woods) (2:52)
Laura Visits Harold (3:18)
Behind The Mask (2:28)
Wash Your Hands (3:03)
It's Your Father (3:47)
Jacques' Cabin/The Train Car (4:09)
Circumference Of A Circle (11:11)
Fire Walk With Me (Saxophone) (6:47)

Fire Walk With Me fans got the ultimate Christmas gift this week as the TP Archive released a bundle of the remaining dark soundscapes from FWWM. These tracks are actually mixes of different elements, much as was the case many times in the series. These passages were actually created during the final stages of the film much as sound design/sound effects would be created.

Hearing them more clearly here, fans will recognize some elements used from the series but mixed with new elements. The track "24 Hours" is clearly heard in "Teresa's Autopsy", and "Unease Motif", one of the most often used pieces of music in the series, is used in many of these tracks as well ("Laura Visits Harold", "Back To Fat Trout").

The eleven minute+ track "Circumference Of A Circle" was used as the base of the mix of "Jacques' Cabin/The Train Car" and has also been released here in its entirety. Fans looking for the music from the post-murder scene where Leland puts Laura's body in the water and then enters Glastonbury Grove (a segment that sounds much like a distorted synth version of "Laura Palmer's Theme") can find that portion in this track. From around 7:10 to 7:53.

For me, the big surprise and highlight of this release is the saxophone version of the FWWM Theme. The original trumpet version is still one of my favorite tracks of all time, and getting an entirely new, alternate version is amazing. The film actually uses just the first 14 seconds of the track during the opening credits and then switches to the more familiar original version. Who knew there was a entire different version instead of just the original with the alternate beginning!?

This bundle very well might be the last FWWM music released. But you never know, there may be a surprise alternate version of something waiting in the archives. As for what's actually heard in the film, it seems close to all has been released. The exception being the track heard when Leland cries in his bedroom, and the alternate(?) version of "Laura's Dark Boogie" heard during Leland's flashbacks of the Blue Diamond Motel. And finally the piano version of "Laura Palmer's Theme" when Leland tells Laura "Goodnight Princess"- this is actually a track from the series though.

Anyway, amazing job from the Archive. Enjoy my new covers.


  1. Ross, you forgot "You killed Mike" - slow speed orchestra theme mixed with "Night bells" and LPT - James & Laura's last dating.

  2. Stunning! I like the double exposure on "Behind the Mask". My new favorite! Big fan of your work!!

  3. Great! :-) But 'She would die for love' is unnecessary IMO. The version from Julee Cruise CD is very different and has small to do with this track.

  4. I always thought of "She Would Die For Love" as the alternate title for the "Fire Walk With Me" Theme. It's listed in the credits of FWWM as such.

  5. Would you be willing to list the tracks in chronological order from both the original soundtrack and the archive? that would be very helpful.

  6. I've created a new listing. See the menu bar.